About us

What happens when a fashion designer, garment technologist, logistics expert and sales & marketing professional agree to meet about the fashion industry?

Our first meeting was on the 13th September at 13.00 (1pm) and when we got to the point on the agenda: What would we call the brand?
The fashion designer said thirteen was her favourite number and the rest is history. For many people the number thirteen is unlucky, we did not agree and even decided to name our clothing brand 13 with Roman numerals “XIII”.

At XIII we focus on three simple things: our people, our products, and our customers. 
- We are a direct-to-consumer brand, and we are based in Copenhagen (Denmark)
- We believe high quality design begins with understanding human needs. 
- We think fashion design is about creating feelings and experiences by translating functional fabrics into timeless shapes and styles for our community.

All garments and accessories are designed in Denmark and made in Europe by leading industry professionals and artisans. Our styles are produced in Butterfly Mark™ certified facilities in limited quantities, and we work in close co-operation with our production partner, TøjProduktionsLab ApS. The XIII brand has a stylish elegance, and we hope that our clothing will both empower and inspire you.