August 2022

August 2022

The August newsletter profiles our model, AC, and we briefly explore her unique background as an artist, model, and mother.

Tell me a little about yourself…

I grew up in Svendborg which is also known as the South Funen Archipelago with a younger sister who is an architect. From a very young age I’ve been sailing with my dad, and especially the sea has always had a major impact on me. Besides that I have always been painting and sketching. Originally I worked as a physiotherapist, afterwards I completed my Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media. Today, I am self-employed and work with two of my key interests: content creation/design and my event Art & Psyche (Kunst & Psyche). I live in the city with my two daughters, Ingrid (11) and Marie (8). My friends describe me as a one-woman advertising agency because of my creative skills, for example, photography, creating websites, painting, etc. I see myself as authentic, humble, and a spiritual champion for mental health, and modelling has allowed me to expand my self-belief boundaries.

Who were your fashion heroes?
I was fascinated by the fashion designers Vivienne Westwood and John Paul Gaultier, I envied their punky attitude and courage. I’m from the MTV Generation and have always been fascinated by aesthetics and visuals. I loved George Michael’s song, “Freedom with the supermodels. Helene Christensen was my major crush, I met her once in Copenhagen and she was so humble and down to earth.

You are the face of XIII, what made you say yes?
There’s something liberating about a brand that focuses on women who are over 40 years old, and I really like the XIII clothing. I would never work as a model for a brand that I didn’t like or appreciate. I’m a chameleon! I know how to fit into different scenarios and that’s what I love about XIII’s clothing. Whenever I’m wearing XIII, I feel really comfortable. I love the versatility of being able to dress up in high heels or dress down in my sneakers and I can just use the XIII clothes with my existing wardrobe.

What’s your favourite piece in the XIII collection?
There are so many different expressions in the XIII collection. I think that I’m sporty, but my style changes from day-to-day depending on how I feel, so that’s really a tough question. I really like "Alison" - the black wool gilet, but I think Annouk - the black pencil skirt is my favourite piece. I can wear my Iron Maiden T-shirt to be more of a rock chick, or I can also just put on my high heels and this gives a totally other impression. 

Who do you call when you want to have fun? 
My boyfriend! I want to have fun and I don’t mean going out drinking and dancing, I mean being in a place where you are happy and doing things that make sense. To be honest, I’m really happy just standing in front of my paintings and that feeling of contentment is hard to replicate.

Who is your favourite author?
My favourite author is Christian Mørk, he’s a Danish author who lives in New York and his debut book “De Ti Herskere” (The Ten Rulers) from 2006 is a must read. It’s an entertaining about a story of love, power, and very old secrets.

How do you stay in shape, fitness wise?
Whenever I get the opportunityI like to move. Running, rollerskating, yoga and occasionally SUP boarding. I think exercise in general is so good for my body and mind. 

Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given? 
It’s the classic: “Just be yourself because everybody else is taken.”

Many thanks AC for your time and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Best regards

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